About us


"Birds of a feather flock together"

Rupert Hill is the place we call home...

We, Ian McClatchy and Lisa Swain, have lived at Rupert Hill since 2014 and enjoy the farm life with our two kids, Eliot and Rylee. 

Serving food to our family that we have grown ourselves or sourced from small-scale local farmers, is important to us. If knowing where your food comes from is important to you too, we would love to share our home-grown products with you... and other "birds of a feather".


Healthy choice

In growing our animals at Rupert Hill, we do not use antibiotics or hormones. The fields that they eat from are free of chemical herbicides and pesticides. This is a choice we have made for our health and we are proud to offer the same healthy choice for you. 


Animal well-being

You feel good about what you eat when you know that the animals grew up living happy, healthy lives. Our animals spend their days outside, getting exercise, breathing fresh air, enjoying some of the best scenery Wakefield has to offer, and eating grass fresh off the pasture, the way nature intended. 

Low impact farming

We are a small-scale, low impact farm. Our practices are not intended to produce the largest quantity of food, but instead we focus on quality! And we do this with special attention to minimize pollutants and the environmental impact of the farm.